Introducing Yell’s new business profile page manager

At Yell, we’re always looking for ways to make your user experience easier, and with this in mind, we’ve made some exciting changes to the way you can update your business profile pages on

Our new look profile manager tool is more intuitive and simpler than ever to use, so you can add all the information you need to your business profile with ease. And it’s now available to use on tablet devices too.

There’s a new clear menu of quick launch tabs across the top of the page. From that menu you can now update your business profile page, respond to reviews and manage your Yell products.

Update your business details

The most noticeable difference to the tool is that we’ve removed the long, scrolling left-side text menu and the big grey ‘listing preview’. In its place, is a more visual profile summary page, where blocks are broken down by content type, such as contact details, photos, or what your business offers.

We’ve added clearer directions and icons to make each item easier to understand and how they help your business profile. And now, when you’ve completed a section, it displays a green tick, so you can quickly spot which part of your profile still needs updating.

Manage your reviews

Behind the Reviews tab is a more visual way for you to manage all your customer feedback in one place.  Here you can read, and reply to, reviews left on your business profile page and request new reviews from your customers.


For those with a advert, you can view performance of your ads on the Analytics tab.

Post on social media

If you have the Connect or Reputation Manager products from Yell, then you can manage your social media posting and notifications from the dashboard too. The feature lets you make posts on Facebook, Foursquare, Google, and your website, directly from your dashboard. To access this, select the Social tab from the menu at the top.  The dashboard will display all of the posts and updates made across all your connected social networks.

Add new social post as a connect and reputation customer

To write a new post, click in the ‘Make a new post’ field at the top of the screen. Here you can upload an image to your post, type a message and insert fields such as your website address, or phone number from the + button in the bottom right corner.

Get started

See all the menus and fields in action in this quick video.

To get to our profile manager tool, log in to with your usual account details and select the ‘Manage your profile page’ button.

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  1. Loved how simple it was to complete the free listing and how the business home page opens up so many other options. Considering increasing my commitment a new website and SEO. Watch this space!

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