Yell Staff Spotlight: Sophie Kesterton, Digital Telesales Consultant

Sophie Kesterton is a Digital Telesales Consultant in our Birmingham office. Yell Careers caught up with Sophie to find out about her path into sales, developing her people skills and her proudest moments at Yell.

How did you get into sales?

I first started in sales as a field representative for Kodak printers. It was a part time job when I was at school and studying at university. My parents have always been in sales so encouraged me to do what they did because they said it was ‘easy’.

I soon learnt it wasn’t as simple as they made it sound but it was something I found enjoyment in, as well as making enough money to fund my degree.

What attracted you to working at Yell?

My friend had worked at Yell for about 8 years and was always saying what a fantastic place it was to work. She was super passionate when talking about her day, and I really wanted to have that same feeling and passion for what I did for a living.

And, as well as it being the biggest digital marketing company in the UK, the telesales element really interested me. It was an opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Its hard to pin point just one thing, and I think this role brings different things to different people. For me, I love the atmosphere. The people here are brilliant, always willing to help.

From a career point of view, its the first job I’ve had that if you put in the hard work, you will reap the rewards and recognition. If you’re someone who likes a varied day, doesn’t want to be bored at work, or if you just like a challenge, you will definitely strive and achieve great things at Yell.

Sophie Kesterton

How has Yell helped you to develop your career?

Firstly, I’ve learnt all the elements that make up a good telesales manner: paying more attention to tone, pitch, timing and the ability to listen. I feel I also use these in my personal life now, and will be able to transfer these into any role in the future. People skills are one of the most important things to develop.

I now also have a wealth of knowledge and understanding on the digital market place, which is incredibly interesting and has a great use in any industry.

What is your proudest moment so far since joining Yell?

I’m proud of the journey. Of course there have been milestones and target driven achievements over the year which I’ve been recognised and rewarded for.

But as a more intrinsically motivated person I’m most proud of how I have tackled certain individual challenges head on, showing my resilience and my willingness to work on my weaknesses. It’s definitely not easy at first, and can be quite overwhelming with all the new things to learn, but I’ve developed so much as a person. Every day I’m proud just to be here and to see how far I’ve come.

Any advice for someone thinking of joining in Telesales?

Don’t let what you think is an inexperience in sales, telesales or knowledge about digital advertising stop you. If you are someone who can understand people, listen, problem solve and work hard, these are the key things that will mean you can do well and really enjoy your time here.

Sophie Kesterton

We’re hiring!

Yell currently have Digital Telesales Consultant roles available in our Birmingham and Belfast offices. If Sophie’s story has inspired you to get into telesales at Yell, apply now!

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