Yell Staff Spotlight: Leo Perrotta, Head of Quality

Leo Perrotta is Head of Quality in Yell’s engineering department. Originally from Italy, Leo has worked in technical teams in five countries, including Sweden and China. He joined Yell in February 2016 from Vodafone and is based in our Reading Head Office. Yell Careers caught up with Leo to find out about quality engineering at Yell, what his role involves and his love for all things Agile.

How did you get in to computer science?

Well, to be honest, I started my university studies in Electronic Engineering as I actually didn’t get along that well with software at the beginning. However, as I progressed in my first few roles I realised digital and software technologies were growing. They are everywhere and the main enabler for most of our future transformations. The prospects of digital excited me, so I decided to shift my focus into that world – I haven’t looked back!

What attracted you to working at Yell?

The team’s willingness to embrace an agile culture to deliver digital solutions. Plus, I could see a strong, competent, in-house engineering team, who would make it easy to achieve product management in an efficient way.

What does your role involve?

I head up the Quality Team. We perform manual and automated testing for all Yell’s digital products, desktop and mobile applications. I also look after our delivery road map and agile delivery model to make the most of our resources and achieve the best results. Last, but not least, I also manage some of our offshore engineering teams.

How would you describe the engineering culture at Yell?

All our engineers and managers are very skilled and care about the quality of their output as well as the satisfaction and development of their teams. It makes Yell Engineering a really pleasant place to work.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I have a very active social life. I like spending time with friends, organising events and parties, playing sport and read inspiring books.

How do you feel your role lets you show off your skills and what’s the favourite project you’ve worked on at Yell?

As well as delivering innovative products, my role gives me the opportunity to develop and get to know people, which fits my social side perfectly. On my favourite project, I’m always fascinated by setting up dashboards and monitors, which can tell the truth in only a few seconds! Simple things can bring a lot of value to your team.

Do you have any advice for anyone else who might want to get into quality engineering?

Spend a good time trying to understand what makes your team and people motivated. Motivated people make things much better!


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